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CareAssist is the simplest way to report your MSA and to achieve some savings along the way. We understand the complexities of Medicare Set Aside compliance and we are here to help you protect your benefits.

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Why choose CareAssist?

We Can Answer Your MSA Questions

The Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Act requires that Medicare’s interests are considered at the time of settlement. There are several different requirements that Medicare puts in place when an MSA is issued. CareAssist can alleviate all of the stresses of Medicare compliance when you are personally administering your MSA.

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Verify Accurate Charges & Save on Prescriptions

We can verify the accurate state fee schedule or usual & customary pricing you should be paying with your MSA. We have helped thousands of injured individuals manage their medical funds and achieve savings and compliance. We also offer you a discount drug card to lock-in savings on your drugs.

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Understand Your Settlement & Report Accurately

If you have any questions regarding your settlement documents or annuity policy, you can submit them at any time and we can guide you through the language. CareAssist's member portal and our team will walk you through the necessary steps to take when you are reporting your MSA expenses to Medicare.

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Modern technology for modern care

We’re using technology to simplify the entire health insurance experience. You can use our online portal as a constant screenshot of how you're are spending your MSA. Additionally you can upload images of all of your medical and prescription receipts to help track the trends of your account.

How does CareAssist work?

With CareAssist you have access to a private portal to keep track of all your MSA eligible expenses. The portal assists you in creating and sending the detailed reports that Medicare requires. You'll also have access to our 24/7 member services team to answer any questions that come up. Finally, you will be issued a CareAssist discount card to present at the pharmacy to access savings on many of your prescriptions. For more savings and automation, inquire about Ametros' Amethyst and CareGuard products.

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Max discounts & guaranteed MSA compliance
with a professionally-managed account

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  • 24/7 online & phone support
  • 100% MSA compliance
  • Fully automated reports & submission
  • 28% Drug discounts
  • 28% Provider discounts
  • CareGuard sets up a dedicated bank account for you and acts as custodian

Get discounts & support with MSA reports pre-filled with data from your own bank account


$125/year | $1,000 lifetime
  • 24/7 online & phone support
  • Pre-filled MSA reports
  • Pre-filled reports requiring manual submission
  • 21% Drug discounts
  • 21% Provider discounts
  • Funds remain in your own bank account which is linked to Amethyst

Start off with basic MSA reporting assistance and limited discounts 

  • 24/7 online & phone support
  • Blank MSA Templates
  • Manual entry & submission of MSA reports
  • Limited Drug discounts

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